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Done Right, The First Time!

Done Right, The First Time!

Done Right, The First Time!Done Right, The First Time!

About Us

Josh Topper, Owner

Topper Machine is a full service machining and fabricating shop.  We began operation in 2012, when we saw the demand for a cost effective, low volume, CNC alternative.  We are an entirely manual machining and fabricating shop.  Being a manual only shop, does not limit what we can do.  In fact, it increases our abilities.  Complex parts  can not be reproduced efficiently on modern CNC equipment.  This is where we come in.  We work with original parts or drawings to produce exactly what you need.   We save our customers time and money because we don't spend hours programming a CNC machine.  We spend that time actually making your parts.  

We have a vast inventory of machines and support tooling to accomplish any task.  Many of our machines are very specialized and are capable of doing things that are not economically feasible with modern CNC equipment.  

We offer short run production, large capacities, prototypes, welding, fabricating, & repairs.

We are a secure facility.  We require appointments for all visitors.  Not only does this ensure our customers privacy, but gives all visitors our undivided attention, and ensures their safety and ours.   

Give us a call.  Find out for yourself why our moto is:

Done Right, The First Time



  • Lathe work (up to 102" Long) 
  • Milling (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Drilling
  • Welding (MIG, TIG, & Portable Stick)
  • Fabricating

We work with many materials, and have a large vendor network to supply anything you may need.

Our capabilities are always expanding.  We are always seeking out specialized machines to add to our arsenal.  Call us with all your needs,  (715) 635-2492 


Example Of Our Machining Capabilities

This is a modified engine bearing retainer.  The original design limited the uses of the engine to one application.


Example of Our Welding/Fabricating Capability

This is just a small example of our welding and fabricating capability.  This structure is a frame work to support the carriage of a sawmill.  It is 48 feet long, and is within 1/32" of strait overall.  This is one of our personal projects, which is the sawmill we operate with our A. D. Baker Steam Traction Engine.

1917 A.D. Baker Steam Traction Engine next to Topper Machine Shop

New for 2020!

Topper Machine is proud to announce the addition of a full lumber production mill

Our mill is capable of sawing up to 20 Foot lengths.  We also offer planed lumber.  Lumber can be graded for use in residential construction under 2007 WISCONSIN ACT 208  

Please call for more details.

Contact Us

Give us a call to schedule an appointment.  We are closed to walk up customers due to the sensitivity of some of the work we do. We welcome visitors, but by appointment only. 

Topper Machine

N7952 Island Lake Rd., Spooner, WI 54801, US

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